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Edit, split, merge, crop, and perform other operations on multiple PDF files
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PDF files have become the de facto standard for document interchange and sharing. They are compact, printable anywhere in the world without losing its original layout, and secure. This high level of protection also makes PDF files hard to modify and, for some people, hard to read. PDF Shaper Free offers you a set of tools to edit, convert, and modify your PDF files so that they fit your specific needs.

The program’s main interface is divided into four sections, each with a small set of utilities. “Documents” is actually a set of four conversion tools, from PDF to TXT, image, and RTF, and from image to PDF. The “Content” section includes tools to merge and split PDF files, to extract the text or the images of a PDF file, and to remove the images and leave everything else intact. With “Pages” you can rotate, crop, extract, and delete selected pages in a breeze, while the “Security” submenu will let you encrypt, decrypt, and sign PDF files, as well as to edit their metadata easily.

Each of these options or tools will open in a new window, which is basically the same window but with different settings in the Options tab depending on the function to perform. Other than that, everything else is the same, which may be a bit confusing at times for the novice user.

PDF Shaper Free is – obviously – a free tool, and as such do not expect to find the same comprehensive functionality that Adobe Acrobat (or other similarly expensive PDF editors) can offer you. However, all the most common editing tasks that we tend to perform on PDFs are included, and – what is more important – are performed quickly and reliably. Nevertheless, more demanding users can always upgrade to either the Premium or the Pro edition, which add more conversion and editing capabilities to the existing ones. There’s even a Corporate edition for companies that require a high number of licenses. One thing that you will miss in this free edition and that may make all the difference for some users is OCR support. PDF Shaper Free will only turn your PDFs to TXT or RTF as long as their text is readable – i.e., the pages are not but images of the original pages, as it usually happens with scanned PDFs. If your PDF files require OCR treatment, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro edition. Everything else in the program’s menu is offered to you for free, and it most cases all of these free utilities will be more than enough to help you deal with your PDF files in a simple and efficient way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers 17 PDF editing and conversión tools
  • Specific setup options for each task
  • Converts PDF pages into images
  • Creates PDFs out of image files


  • Confusing interface with identical window design for all options
  • Lacks OCR capabilities
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